Christmas Vacation

    It’s Christmas vacation and we’re back from college! I’m so glad to take a few weeks off and just sit back and relax. A friend of mine sent me a couple packs of Bambino Bellismo’s, a pack of Cushies, and a pack of Super Dry Kids. On top of all of that, I ordered a case of Abena m4’s, so right now my diaper stash is… well… overflowing. I’ve resorted to hiding a lot of my diapers in my car as well as Addie’s. I’ve been diapered quite a bit over break, but the only problem with that are siblings. Both of my brothers like to sit in the front room and watch T.V. Since they’re always in there, I can’t get to the kitchen to get anything when I’m wearing a diaper because they’ll hear me from a mile away: sometimes the life of an AB/DL is just too hard. My whole family already knows I wear diapers, but not directly, plus they’re rather unforgiving. My family isn’t the most supportive especially of something they find unorthodox; because of this I choose to keep my diapers to myself. I have two more weeks of vacation then I’m heading back to university. Hope everyone has a great Christmas!

P.S. Addie says “Hi (: ”


“Changing” in College

     Hey guys its Addie! This last week has been very stressful, exciting, nerve racking, and mixed with so many other emotions: this was the week I moved into college. I really miss wearing diapers. I wore them 24/7 for this last week, so you can imagine how weird it is using the big girl potty now. I didn’t bring any up to college with me fearing that my parents would see them when they helped me unpack, or even my roommate finding out. I keep having this thought that I should just tell my roommate and my parents and get it over with, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for that, let alone the reaction they will give me. It a little scary to think of what they would say or do. I don’t want to be known as the diaper girl on campus, I want them to see me for who I am, not what I do. It’s a hard decision to deal with. I can’t decide what to do, so I’m asking you! Write me a message and tell me what you think I should do! Should I tell my roommate and my parents? Give me your personal stories on how you told your friends and family. I would love to hear them and it would really help me out. Other than that college has been fun so far! I start classes Monday! Wish me luck, and remember I’m always open for questions!

The Diapered Couple


Hey, welcome to Forever Diapered! Addie and I are two regular people who happen to enjoy wearing diapers. We both go to college and work: Addie does day care, and I work at Abercrombie & Fitch as a Model. We met a little over three years ago and will have been dating for three years this October. Addie wasn’t originally into wearing diapers, but I was. I told her about my fetish and at first she though it was a joke, but over time she accepted it and began to like it. We wanted to start this website to show people what it’s like to have a relationship with someone and wear diapers, and how it is to wear diapers while in college. We’re both going to be Freshman this year at a College in Northern California. We will be posting more soon with pictures and stories and we’re always open to answering questions!


Hey guys! As NIck has already said, welcome to Forever Disapered! To me we created this site to show everyone that wearing diapers in a relationship can be fun and exciting. As Nick said I wasn’t in to it at first, honestly. it made me some what uncomfortable. I had never heard of adults wearing diapers for fun; it never occured to me that it could be a possiblity. However, as time went on, he convinced me to try it for myself, and to my suprise I really liked it. Nick and I are still the same couple we were before he told me about his hobby. In fact, I think we are closer then we were before. As we move on into college, we will be able to share with all of you our new challanges of wearing diapers and how it ties in with our relationship. I am always open for questions about anything!